Vivorex SRECs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SREC?

A Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) is created when a solar farm generates 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity.  (That's about how much an average American home uses in 1 month.) An SREC represents the environmental benefits of that electricity being generated from a solar farm.  It can be sold separately from the actual electricity.


Does buying an SREC make my electricity "green"?

Electricity enters the power grid from many sources (coal, gas, nuclear, hydro, solar, wind).  Buying SRECs equal to your electricity usage means that more generation will come from solar power and less from non-renewable resources.


Would I be better off installing solar on my roof?

Maybe.  But if you don't own your building, or plan to stay at least 5 years, or have a small or shaded roof, or can't afford the up-front cost -- then  SRECs are the easiest and most affordable way to immediately offset the carbon emissions from your current electricity consumption.


Where does my SREC payment go?

SREC sales help reduce the large cost of new solar generation.  The more SRECs you buy, the more solar will be built to replace non-renewable power.  Plus, 10% of Vivorex sales go towards construction of an urban community solar farm delivering free electricity to low-income residents.

Vivorex SRECs typically were generated within the past year, and are retired in bulk within 90 days after your purchase.


Do I have to live in the same state as the solar farm in order to buy an SREC?

No.  Our SRECs are generated on large solar farms in southeastern North Carolina, but anyone can buy them to easily and affordably offset the carbon emissions of their electricity consumption from non-renewable resources.  Along the lines of "Think globally, act locally" - we share the same air (eventually) and polluting less in one state benefits us all.


Where's the fine print?

You can read our Green-e Energy certified documents at the links below:


What is Green-e?

The RECs in a Green-e Energy certified product are verified and certified by Green-e Energy, and the seller of a Green-e Energy certified product is required to disclose the quantity, type and geographic source of each certificate. Green-e Energy also verifies that the renewable energy certificates are not sold more than once or claimed by more than one party. For information on Green-e Energy please visit its website,


What do I get with my purchase to display?

All business subscribers receive a Vivorex certificate, which you can print and display to your customers and employees.  See the example below.

Example Vivorex Certificate  

What else can I share with others to explain SRECs?

You can click here to download our infographic that explains Vivorex SRECs.  Please share it with others to spread the word!

What are SRECs?
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